Thursday, October 13, 2022

How To Prevent Your Home Becoming 'Stale'

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Have you ever seen a home and thought its interior looked drab, tired, and out of date, despite not really belonging to any era in its design? Most likely. But chances are the home didn’t look that way when it was furnished and the decorating took place. Someone was probably very proud of the new room that had been designed.

So - how can we prevent our homes from finding themselves in this position? It’s not always easy to say, after all, home decor doesn’t become tiresome overnight. If you’re living there, you might not even notice a difference until you live elsewhere for a time and then come home. 

In this post, though, we’ll discuss a few principles you can use to present a home from feeling tired, where that ‘tired feeling’ is even coming from, and how to distinguish it from just becoming bored with the place you live, after all, sometimes we all suffer from ‘grass-is-greener’ syndrome. 

Without further ado, let’s begin:

Carpet Cleaning & Replacement

It’s hard to substitute a genuinely worn-out carpet. You won’t have to have been a negligent homeowner for carpet to seem tired, either. Sometimes, you’ll find its shelf life runs out. Movement of furniture, people and pets over the years will lead to its condition declining. So, a replacement can be a good idea when this is required, and you’d be surprised how cost-effective a new replacement can be. However, it might also be that your carpet just needs attendance from a reliable carpet cleaning service to work well. This can extend the life of your carpet to no end. 

Removed Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper can be a nice and interesting throwback to a more retro time, but it’s not particularly modern in terms of its presence. In many cases, it can look tired, and it will tend to decay faster than alternative methods, like brick slips, and renewed plaster and paint.

Now, if you love your textured wallpaper and think it fits, that’s absolutely your choice. It might be worth fixing your textured wallpaper. However, the reason why it’s considered old hat is that the grooves and ridges in the texture often take on the dust of the surrounding environment, and tends to yellow easier if anyone smokes within the property (or can mold more easily without good ventilation).

Make The Most Of Your Natural Light If Possible

Natural light is quite simple the main predictor of if a home looks alive and fresh or not. This isn’t to say that a ground-floor flat in a terraced environment will look dingy if the lighting fixtures are well-placed. That said, opening up natural light is important. Moving large furniture from the window, replacing your curtains or adding nice blinds for the daytime, placing mirrors intelligently, and even renovating a space to add a skylight can be a massive boost to how open and comforting the space feels, and how much of the outside is let in. You’d be amazed just how effective this can be at bringing the presence of day into a place, and helping it seem anything but old-hat and miserable.

With this advice, you’re sure to prevent your home from becoming ‘stale’.

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