Thursday, October 13, 2022

Signs That You Have a Pest Problem

 There is nothing worse than the suspicion that you might have some pests wandering around your home at night, causing havoc. While no one likes the idea of pests, it’s not just living in the vicinity of vermin that can make your skin crawl. Almost all pests do some level of damage to your home, and what’s more, is that many of them can carry disease and illness. 

So if you just have the suspicion that there are some unwanted houseguests lurking, here are a couple of things that are a surefire sign that you’re going to need to book a home inspection

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Grease or Grime

Something that surprises many people is that all pests leave little markers that they are there. Mice and rats leave greasy marks on the paths that they run along, and they leave patches and puddles of urine as they go too. 

Almost all bugs will leave little telltale signs that they are wandering about and setting up home too. 


For something so small, it can be quite a shock to know that pests will make some smells too. Bugs, mice, beetles, and more will take large crumbs and morsels of food - but rarely will they finish them in one go. 

Instead, they will leave rotting bits of food in corners and hidden. Over time these will start to smell. It is in the nature of some pests to bring crumbs and scraps of food back to their nests - so you might notice a much stronger smell in one particular place. 


Depending on the type of pests that you have, you might see different types of damage. Rodents tend to pull our fluff and collect other soft items to make nests. You might notice holes that look like they have been gnawed or small chews in wires. 

Bugs like moths will also tuck into delicate fabrics

Pests can make the fabric look dirty, have small holes in it, or otherwise look like they haven’t been watched. 


If you think you heard something, then you probably did. Mice often sound like scratchy little noises; you’re unlikely to hear loud squeaking unless there are a lot more mice than you had hoped. 

Most insects don’t make much noise, but if you have beetles or flies, you will notice those over time once the infestation becomes larger. 


If you happen to find droppings anywhere in the home, then this is a firm sign that you have got an infestation. If you spot a small scattering of droppings, clear them up, and see how long it takes to come back. If there are often droppings in the same place, then you can place a trap there since they frequent that space often. 

You are more likely to get pests in houses that haven’t had anyone living in them for a while. Checking the house for pests is one of the things you can do before you start some of the bigger DIY projects to get your house ship-shape: Money Hip Mamas: Home DIY Projects To Keep You Busy


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