Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Creating an Outdoor Haven: The Benefits of a Backyard Oasis


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Particularly since the pandemic, the importance of outdoor space for families has been something that has grown in recent years. There’s no doubt that from both a physical and mental health standpoint, the ability to take time out and enjoy the fresh air of an outdoor space is invaluable. This is why outdoor space at home is so important, and why it’s worth looking at turning whatever space you have into a relaxing oasis that the whole family can benefit from.

Why outdoor time and space is so valuable

Opinions differ as to why spending time outdoors has the benefits it does, but there are innumerable sources that advocate for getting out into nature, even if that natural space is just outside your back door. If you want to free your mind, getting outside of four walls is a great place to start, and this is much easier - and more beneficial - if you have an accessible, versatile space where you can take in fresh air, sunlight and “touch grass”, to use a phrase that has become overly pejorative in recent years. 

The research is pretty clear - contact with natural surfaces has a beneficial impact on health, lowering stress levels, aiding digestion and blood pressure, and a number of other positive results. But outdoor time doesn’t just need to be about communing with the soil. If you create a usable outdoor space, you can unlock a bunch of other exciting additions to home life.

How to create your backyard oasis

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Of course, your outdoor space is your outdoor space, so what you want to fill it with is your business, but there are some definite showpiece additions that can make it more inviting for each generation of your family. Something for everyone is a good idea, because a good outdoor space can create so many occasions for family bonding. “Patio” furniture is a decent place to start; if you’re someone who has seen the benefits of working from home since the pandemic, or even before, then you’ll benefit considerably from being able to take your laptop into the backyard oasis and work in the most relaxing atmosphere imaginable.

The likes of can also be a great ally in creating the most rewarding outdoor space imaginable. The whole family can partake in an activity that lowers stress, has untold benefits for your physical health, and is also just a lot of fun. Getting a pool fitted can turn your backyard space into a deluxe relaxation area that really makes the most of the environment. It’s never going to seem like a waste - if you have a pool fitted, you will use it all the time.

Any outdoor oasis should also have the capacity to become an outdoor kitchen. A quality grill will allow you to have ad-hoc pool parties with freshly-cooked food and a happy atmosphere. You can even secure a small area for a veg garden; nothing is more beneficial for your health than eating the freshest ingredients, and nothing is fresher than veg you have just picked from your backyard.

What a backyard space can do for your family

While the “negative” effects of staying indoors and watching TV or playing games have been greatly exaggerated, it is of course true that this shouldn’t be all kids do. Playing outside - where there is room to move around more and make more noise - is excellent for kids’ social skills, all the more so if they have friends round to swim in the pool and enjoy the space. It’s also prime for family bonding, as younger and older kids get to play together and form the bonds that will serve them well as they grow older.

Additionally, family occasions are undoubtedly enhanced by the ability to take them outside. Barbecues, game nights and movie nights are all ways that you can connect the kids and each other. It’s also a wonderful way to enjoy a sporting occasion on TV. If you’ve ever gathered around an indoor TV to watch a big playoff game or the World Cup, you’ll know how it can leave you feeling the need to decompress afterwards. If you watch it on an outdoor set instead - made all the easier by wireless internet and a range of devices - then you’ll love just how different the experience is, and can even turn it into a social occasion.

You will only know just how great it is to have a backyard oasis when you try it out for yourself, but be assured - it’s an endeavor you’ll never regret.

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