Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Save or Spend: Moving House Edition

 Moving to a new property can be expensive. After all, there are so many costs involved from deposits to finding the funds for new furniture items that fit in your new home. Even the move itself can cost you quite a bit of money. Although, there are some areas in which spending a reasonable amount is well worth it, as well as some ways you can save when you move. Read on to find out what they are. 

Save - snacks and refreshments for moving day 

Moving house is heavy work, and you will want plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed during the day. Unfortunately, most people find that when they are most in need of a snack or drink their kitchen is completely bare, having already packed it up in boxes for the move. This can lead to spending money unnecessarily on shop-bought snacks and beverages, which over a day, and multiple by several people can be pretty expensive. 

To that end, some forward-thinking can save you a fortune and ensure both you and your moving team stay hydrated and field up throughout the day. For instance, preparing a cooler with individual bottles of water, and sodas bought as multipacks from the supermarket is a much cheaper option. For hot drinks such as coffee and tea, try making up flasks, or leaving out the supplies and tools you need to fix these in your kitchen, including teaspoons, mugs, and a towel for washing up. 

Concerning snacks, anything that does not need to be refrigerated and that is high in calories for an energy boost is a good idea so, pack a bag with granola bars, chips, and fruit to keep everyone on the field throughout the day. 

Spend - a trustworthy moving company 

One area in which it is always worth spending a little money is in hiring a reliable and trustworthy moving specialist. This is because moving professionals like the Great White Moving Company can handle all the heavy lifting for you on moving day, as well as provide a vehicle in which to transport the contents of your home. This leaves you free, and with enough energy to manage your move, and get a head start on unpacking as soon as you get to your new place. Something that in turn, can help you settle in much quicker, and make the entire experience less stressful. 

Save - packing materials 

Another great way to save when you are moving house is to ask people for donated packing materials rather than buying them outright. You may be able to get free boxes from friends, or people online as well as in stores. Although it's worth checking to see if your movers provide packing materials included in the cost, as many do. 

Spend - a property deep clean 

When it comes to cleaning, spending a little more is always worthwhile. Whether it is cleaning your new home before you move in, or cleaning your old one as you move out, paying for professional cleaning can help save you a great deal of time and effort. Both of these are often in short supply when it comes to moving day. 

Having your previous property cleaned professionally is particularly useful for those renting, as it can help ensure they get back their full deposit, and prevent any issues with the handover of the home to the landlord. A deep clean by a professional cleaner will also have the tools and experience to guarantee the best clean possible, making sure your new property is tidy, clean and hygienic before you move in, which can make keeping it that way a great deal easier. After all, when you start from a clean base, it's much easier to keep it that way! 

Save - by decluttering before you pack 

Last of all, you can save a small fortune by decluttering your old property before you begin packing up to move to the new one. This is because you will end up taking less with you, and this means less effort for the movers, less space is needed, and even less fuel. 

The great thing about decluttering before you move is that it can actively make you money as well. All you need to do is sell the items you no longer want on sites like eBay. You can even host a garage sale to get rid of the lower-value pieces! Then you can use the money you earn from selling unwanted items to help offset the cost of moving, making it cheaper overall. 

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