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7 Overlooked Details When Remodeling A Kitchen

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When remodeling a kitchen there are a few common features that people focus on such as new countertops, new flooring and new appliances. Other details can get overlooked such as lighting or electrical outlets, but these can be just as vital for improving your kitchen. To make sure you’ve considered every aspect of your kitchen remodel, here are 7 commonly overlooked features to take note of. 


Poor lighting can make a kitchen feel gloomy, as well as affecting your ability to prepare food and clean thoroughly. If you’ve only got a single overhead light bulb in your kitchen and not much natural light coming in, consider ways to improve lighting within the room.

A few great ways to improve lighting in your kitchen could include:

  • Recessed downlights: These could be placed across your ceiling or even under cabinets.

  • Track lighting: This involves placing multiple bulbs on a track leading from a single fitting (it typically requires less electrical work than individual recessed lights).

  • Strip lighting: LED strips can look great under cabinets and can be used as a practical form of lighting or simply mood lighting.

  • Hanging lights: Edison bulbs or pendant lights can look great when hanging over an island or breakfast bar. 

  • Skylight/roof lantern: If the roof is directly above your kitchen, you could even consider adding a window in the roof to let natural light pour in.

Electrical outlets

Modern kitchens use more appliances than ever before. Due to the high amount of power these appliances use, it is typically not safe to use multi-plug extension cables. Therefore the best way to accommodate all of these appliances is to install extra electrical outlets.

These could be placed at different points around your countertop. If you’re getting lighting installed, you may as well get an electrician to install new sockets at the same time. 

Cooker hood

A lot of people replace their oven when remodeling their kitchen, but don’t consider the cooker hood. A new cooker hood could greatly improve ventilation and air quality in the room - particularly if you have an old one or are simply using an extractor fan in the wall. 

A kitchen range hood can often be customized to suit the aesthetic of your kitchen. Take your time to compare styles - including colors and textures. 


A splashback is a protective sheet of material (which could be glass, acrylic, metal or ceramic) that is attached to a wall to protect it from splashed grease or water. Splashbacks are worth installing on walls behind hobs and sinks to prevent damage to walls and make cleaning easier.

Splashbacks come in a variety of styles. They can add a lot to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, so it’s worth taking the time to explore different types of splashback. 

Cabinet handles/drawer pulls

You may have thought about adding some new drawers or cabinets, but have you considered the handles or drawer pulls? These small details can affect how your cabinets and drawers look overall. Even swapping out the handles and drawer pulls on your current cabinets and drawers could have a noticeable visual impact.

From vintage brass knobs to modern steel handles, there are many different styles to consider. When buying custom cabinets or drawers, you’ll usually be able to customize this feature to your liking.

Window treatment

The windows in a kitchen can often get overlooked. However, it can be important to consider how they are decorated - as this can affect privacy, light control and overall aesthetic of the room. 

Window treatments can come in various forms. Curtains are a popular option and are the most suitable option in rustic or vintage kitchens. Blinds can offer a more modern look in keeping with more minimal kitchens - consider whether to choose roller blinds or plantation blinds. Of course, you don’t have to use a window treatment at all and some people prefer to have a window constantly left exposed to let in light or maximize a view.

Work triangle

The work triangle is something that can sometimes get sacrificed when redesigning a kitchen. It involves keeping your sink, oven and fridge in a triangle shape so that you can easily move between them. This can help to create a sense of flow.

Consider how you can maintain the work triangle when designing your kitchen. If you’re adding an island, you may want to consider incorporating an oven or sink into this island to maintain the triangle rather than block with an island (you’ll be constantly walking around it while cooking, which could become an inconvenience). 

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